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Jarad Milburn

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Jarad Milburn  [ AKA HURRIKANE ]


Born: February 27, 1992

Birthplace: Alsea, Oregon
Name at birth: Jared Milburn

I really enjoy rapping, this is something I can do forever.  Writing songs, going into the studio and recording them I a great joy for me.  Over my life time I have written many songs, I am know about to release a few to the public.


My name is Jared Milburn and I am a professional recording artist out of Kentucky. They call me Hurrikane and my story started on Feb. 27th 1992 in Alsea, Oregon where I was born.  I didn't get in touch with my musical side until I was five years old, while at this early stage in my development, I was influenced rapidly to a verity of musicians by my parents, such as; Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and among others Hank Williams  Jr.  When I was in the second grade at Paris, California Elementary School, I was introduced to Rap/Hip Hop. During the fourth grade my family and I moved to Albany, Ky. Shortly after the move I decided to join a rock band called Three Floors Down, where ironically Three Doors Down was a big influence on me. Also at that time I started to experiment lyrically with Rap/Hip Hop. What eventually drove me to pursue my passion for Rap was when a couple of fellow classmates told me that just because I was white, I would never make it in the Rap game. After that, I was on a mission to prove to everyone who didn't believe in me that they were wrong. With the right mind set I started to study up on many of my favorite rappers such as; Eminem, Dr. Dre., Biggie Smallz, Tupac, Jay Z and many more. Then I wrote my first song, Mic Check, and I kept focusing on getting my swag up to par. When I was 16, I finally recorded my music in my first studio. After that monumental time in my life I started to record more mix tapes and perform at many shows. When I had seen how my music entertained and influenced other people it changed my whole perspective on the Rap world. When I turned nineteen, I started my very own label called Titan Entertainment. Now at the age of 20 I have officially signed with Barbary Coast Records, where I hope to climb the ladder of success with my musical abilities. 


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